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FLYINGJ(A) Rapier Label Loom

FLYINGJ(A) Rapier Label Loom

Product features:
The use of advanced mechatronics technology, mature and stable performance, widely applicable, is a cost-effective intelligent loom.
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Label loom
Product features
Technical parameter
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Main drive: The main motor 7.5KW adopts frequency converter for speed regulation.

Weft insertion: the use of a space four-bar linkage mechanism, forward and slow reverse search, precise weft insertion action, which is beneficial to reduce driving marks.

Opening: domestic electronic jacquard faucet 1344 , 2688 needles

Electrical control system: Adopt 32 -bit CPU central processing unit, frequency converter and three-phase asynchronous motor.

Lubrication cooling system: Aluminum alloy oil tank, circulating spray lubrication, oil temperature sensor is added, and water cooling is forced to achieve the purpose of cooling oil temperature.

Color selection : stepping motor controls the rotary high-speed electronic weft selector, the color selection mechanism can match up to 16 colors.

Beat-up : Double-sided conjugate cam, separated sley.

Warp let-off: Servo electronic warp let-off, digital closed-loop control constant tension weaving, small tension fluctuation from full shaft to empty shaft.

Coiling : Servo electronic coiling can realize variable weft density weaving.

Thermal cutting: 6- stage temperature control, intelligent temperature conversion, can quickly increase the knife temperature and set the slow cutting temperature when starting up

And the function of automatically adjusting the temperature of the cutter when changing the speed: that is, the thickness of the trademark can be automatically set to be the most reasonable during the weaving stage

Cutting temperature to achieve the best cutting quality for precise cutting effect ; fully isolated power supply, with higher safety.

Heat setting: using PID precise temperature control technology. The patented temple shaping method can ensure a more reasonable shaping temperature without damaging the product. Both the ironing board and the side support are designed with energy-saving design.


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Reed width

150cm , 190cm , 230cm

Width change (including scrap edges): +6 ~ -70cm

Loom speed

300-480 revolutions / min (depending on the configuration given width)

Weft density range

0-200 Root / cm

Main drive

Ordinary motor

Warp beam

Diameter Φ 800mm


1. Selvedge device: optional electronic selvedge or tap selvedge

Exchange cloth roll method

1. The maximum coil inside the machine is Φ 400

2. Large package outside the machine (optional)


1.has a guide hook

2. No guide hook

Parking device

1. Warp stop : 6 or 8 rows of electrical contact type warp stop device

2. Weft stop: electronic high-sensitivity piezoelectric detection device

3. Parking display: the control panel displays the reason for parking, multi-function four-color light display

4. Other

Upper and lower double warp beams (optional)

Front and back, left and right, up and down



FLYINGJ(A) Jacquard Rapier Loom

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