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KT599 Industrial Industrial Fabric Rapier Loom

KT599 Industrial Industrial Fabric Rapier Loom

Product features:
The use of advanced mechatronics technology, mature and stable performance, widely applicable, is a cost-effective intelligent loom.
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Industrial Industrial Fabric Rapier Loom
Product features
Technical parameter
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Main drive: The main motor 7.5KW adopts frequency converter for speed regulation.

Weft insertion: the use of a space four-bar linkage mechanism, forward and slow reverse search, precise weft insertion action, which is beneficial to reduce driving marks.

Shedding: Electronic dobby shedding, with up to 20 heald frames.

Electrical control system: Adopt 32 -bit CPU central processing unit, frequency converter and three-phase asynchronous motor.

Lubrication cooling system: Aluminum alloy oil tank, circulating spray lubrication, oil temperature sensor is added, and water cooling is forced to achieve the purpose of cooling oil temperature.

Color selection : stepping motor controls the rotary high-speed electronic weft selector, the color selection mechanism can match up to 16 colors.

Beat-up : Double-sided conjugate cam, separated sley.

Let-off : Servo electronic let-off, digital closed-loop control of constant tension weaving, small tension fluctuation from full shaft to empty shaft

Coiling : Servo electronic coiling can realize variable weft density weaving.

Heald frame connection : It is very convenient to adjust the height of the heald frame and change varieties.


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Reed width

190cm , 210cm , 230cm , 250cm , 260cm , 280cm , 300cm , 320cm , 340 cm , 360cm

Width change (including scrap edges): +6 ~ -70cm

Loom speed

220-420 revolutions / min (depending on the configuration given width)

Weft density range

4-200 Root / cm

Main drive

Ordinary motor

Warp beam

Diameter Φ 800mm or Φ 1000mm


1. Selvedge device: electronic selvedge

2. Temples: left and right independent temples

3. Side cutting : mechanical side cutting, electronic side cutting

Exchange cloth roll method

1. The maximum inner coil of the machine is Φ 600

2. Large package outside the machine (optional)


1.has a guide hook

2. No guide hook

Parking device

1. Warp stop : 6 or 8 rows of electrical contact type warp stop device

2. Weft stop: electronic high-sensitivity piezoelectric detection device

3. Parking display: the control panel displays the reason for parking, multi-function four-color light display

4. Other

Upper and lower double warp beams (optional)

Front and back, left and right, up and down




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