Celebrating the 101 Anniversary of the Founding of the Party · Contes Party Branch Launches Red Education Activities

In order to celebrate the 101 anniversary of the Communist Party of China, on the afternoon of June 30, all members of the Kangtes Party branch, led by Mr. Dai Xiaohan, Secretary of the Party branch and general manager, visited the memorial hall of the Guangdong column of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the red education base of Gaoming District. By remembering the martyrs, keeping in mind the history, and constantly improving the party spirit consciousness.

After the visit, all the party members returned to the company conference room and continued to carry out the party member education and learning discussion activities. At the meeting, all party members said one after another that they should give full play to the leading role of party members in their daily production and operation activities, keep in mind the original intention of the company's development, work hard to invigorate the enterprise, and constantly make the brand of Jinde loom more refined and stronger.


Invitation | Sincerely invites all industry experts to share the grand event "The 8th China-Eurasia Expo 2024" in Xinjiang

Look forward to your visit and working together to contribute to the prosperity and development of Xinjiang's textile industry!


Glad Tidings丨KINGTEX was honored as the Foshan Industrial Quality Product Catalog of Enterprises

Our company was honored to be "Industrial Quality Product Catalog" enterprises.