Direct Strike | Jinde Loom Appears at 2023 Fujian (Jinjiang) International Textile Machinery Exhibition

The 14th Fujian (Jinjiang) International Textile Machinery Exhibition 2023 was successfully held in Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 18 to 20. Jinde Loom successfully unveiled two new products of BestMaxJ(A) High Speed Rapier Trademark Loom and BestMax High Speed Rapier Chemical Fiber Loom for the local industrial market.


The two models on display are based on mature products of Jinde Loom.BestMax (PepsiCo) mother machine for different weaving market and extension of the development of a series of products.


BestMaxJ(A) high-speed rapier trademark loom is a new type of trademark loom designed and developed according to the weaving process characteristics of trademarks and uppers. This product is the first to put forward the concept of ten groups of trademark looms, with advanced technical level and closer to customer needs. At the exhibition site, the manufacturers and customers who came to the exhibition highly recognized the advanced performance of the product.

BestMax high-speed rapier chemical fiber loom is a new generation of intelligent chemical fiber loom developed by Jinde loom for the chemical fiber market in recent two years. It has become a mature product in Jinde loom sales system and sells well in domestic and foreign markets. In this exhibition, the product attracted many visitors stop to watch.

In the future, Jinde loom will continue to strive to improve the technical level of textile machinery, promote the progress of textile technology, realize the intelligent upgrading of textile industry, and promote win-win symbiosis.




Invitation | Sincerely invites all industry experts to share the grand event "The 8th China-Eurasia Expo 2024" in Xinjiang

Look forward to your visit and working together to contribute to the prosperity and development of Xinjiang's textile industry!


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