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DS300 High Speed Rapier Velvet Loom

DS300 High Speed Rapier Velvet Loom

Product features:
DS300 high-speed rapier flannel loom uses advanced mechatronics technology, mature and stable performance, economical speed 250-350 rpm, maximum weft penetration rate of 1080 m/min, original single weaving loom patented pile cutting technology, realized The direct cut pile on the loom shortens the flannel production process flow, and ensures that the pile surface is flat without cutting marks and creases. It is a cost-effective high-speed intelligent loom.
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Velvet loom
Velvet Loom
Product features
Technical parameter
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Main drive: high-power asynchronous motor drive, using frequency converter to achieve stepless speed change.

Weft insertion: space four-bar linkage drive, single weft insertion device.

Beat-up: Double-side drive, conjugate cam beating-up mechanism.

Shedding: Electronic dobby shedding, with up to 20 heald frames.

Electrical control system: using 32 bit CPU microcomputer control system, accurate and sensitive control operation, the process parameters can be input panel, the USB input or wireless input, automatically detect and fault statistics of the weaving machine operation, the respective automatic machine operating data collection, real-time understanding The machine's production status (efficiency, output, production scheduling, etc.) has functions such as network group control, remote control, and online diagnosis.

Lubrication system: closed forced circulation lubrication device, equipped with oil pressure and oil level alarm devices.

Color selection : The electronic color selection mechanism can match up to 8 colors.

Weft-finding : local car automatically finds weft.

Let-off : Servo electronic let-off, digital closed-loop control of constant tension weaving, small tension fluctuation from full shaft to empty shaft

Coiling : Servo electronic coiling can realize variable weft density weaving.

Pile cutting device on the machine : The original patented technology of cutting pile on the single weaving loom, realizes the direct pile cutting on the loom, shortens the production process of the pile cloth, and ensures that the pile surface is flat without cutting marks and creases.

Down-feeding device: Mechanical down-feeding device or servo electronic down- feeding device can be selected.


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Reed width

190cm , 230cm , 260cm , 280cm , 320cm , 340 cm ,

Loom speed

Up to 500 rpm / min, economical speed 250-350 rpm / min (depending on the configuration given width)

Pile height


Applicable weaving material

Cotton, hemp, wool, chemical fiber, real silk, man-made fiber, etc., long fiber 20-1000D , man-made fiber 5-500Tex , cotton: 3 s -80 s

Main drive

1. Servo motor

Warp beam

Φ 800mm ground warp, Φ 800mm or Φ 1000mm velvet warp


1. Selvedge device: independent electronic selvedge

2. Electronic side jacquard device (optional)

3. Hot-melt edge (optional)

Cloth roll method

Double cloth winding device outside the machine, single cloth winding maximum Φ 800mm

Parking device

1. Electronic menstrual stop

2. Weft stop: electronic high-sensitivity piezoelectric detection device

3. Parking display: the control panel displays the reason for parking, multi-function four-color light display

4. Other

Velvet structure

W type, V type, U type

Scope of application

Velveteen, velvet, plush, industrial fabrics, etc., including sofa flannel, automobile decorative flannel, curtain flannel, clothing flannel, home textile flannel, light carpet, worship blanket, etc.


DS300 High Speed Rapier Flannel Loom


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